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Sales CRM


Have a clear overview of your Sales Pipeline With hidigits you'll always have a good overview of your sales pipeline. This truly effective sales methodology has been built into the software, which is why sales pros and deal makers love it (their words, not ours).

More effective than any list
In the pipeline view, your deals are displayed by your different sales stages. This clearly shows how your team is doing and helps you focus on the right deals if an extra push is needed.
Quickly zoom in with filters
See the sales pipeline for individual team members, specific products and timelines, such as new deals added this week. Perfect for quickly getting to the heart of your questions that come up regularly.
Simply drag and drop
Oh, and it's really easy to move deals forward along the pipeline. Just grab the deal with your mouse and drag it into whichever stage you want to.

Become a better closer with our Timeline View
Our brand new Timeline View is like having your personal friendly sales manager (without the lousy jokes). It helps to pick the right deals and activities to focus on, so you'll never experience nasty surprises at the end of the month.
Peek into the future
See ongoing deals arranged by their likely close date next to deals you've already closed. This way you can correct course before it's too late: work on deals that are likely to close or find new deals to work on.
Customize to suit the needs of your organization
You may want to see your won deals arranged by 'delivery' or 'implementation' date. Feel free, Hidigits enables you to fully customize the Timeline View.
Useful for sales people, priceless for sales managers.
With the Timeline View everyone can kind of be their own sales manager. And managers can use timeline view as their main view in case they want to spare themselves from digging in too deep into individual pipelines.

Sales reporting
You'll always know the sales results of all team members (yes, even for John), as well as activity metrics like number of calls made and pitches done.
Get the perfect sales dashboard
Our sales dashboard gives a visual overview of your sales data divided into different categories, split by products, services and people. See your sales results alongside activity metrics like number and value of deals added and number of completed sales activities.
Track goals
Set individual goals (number of deals moved to the next stage in the pipeline, value of deals won) and see the results in real-time. All goals are automatically carried over to the next period.
Understand pipeline metrics
See number of new deals added, average age of deals, number of open deals and stage-to-stage conversion for all deals and any time period.
See sales split by product
If you sell multiple products or services, you can see key sales stats split by products: sales volume and value, average discount and time in pipeline.

Customize everything
Coffee is for closers only. It's your call whether it's an espresso, a cappuccino or a skinny latte with hazelnut syrup.
Add custom fields and pipeline stages
Because companies and their sales cycles are different, we made Hidigits very easy to customize. You can modify sales pipeline stages and add as many custom fields as you like.
Turn off features you don't need
You can turn whole modules on and off with just one click. For example, if you don't sell pre-specified products or services, there's no need for you to see the Products button every day.

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